T Storm Extra 330LT 75
  • T Storm Extra 330LT 75
  • T Storm Extra 330LT 75
  • T Storm Extra 330LT 75

T Storm Extra 330LT 75"

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 Extra 330LT 75" 30-35cc



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The T Storm 75" Extra 330 LT is a 25% scale version of the  Extra LT. Designed for 30-35cc Petrol engines as well as 6S-8S electric power systems. More than capable of performing all the 3D high energy manoeuvres and is extremely stable and predictable.

Wood/Carbon structure 
Carbon main and tail landing gear
Carbon/fiberglass reinforced landing gear
Aluminum wheel axles
Carbon wing tube
High quality ball link hardware
Wing bags
Wingspan: 75" Length: 70"
Wing Area: 1060 sq. inches
Weight: 9.5-11 lb 
Petrol Power System 
 Recommended Engine DLE30, DLE35RA, or DLE40Twin.
Servo Extensions
Qty. 2 24" Elevator and Rudder
Qty. 2 12" Ailerons
Qty. 2 4-6" Ailerons
Qty 1 18" Throttle servo
3.0" or 76 mm


Combo Prices Available upon request

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