3DHS Extra 330LT 75"

3DHS Extra 330LT 75"

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Following the success of 3D Hobby Shop's 108" Extra 330 LT, we are proud to introduce the 75" Extra 330 LT.The 75" Extra is a 25% scale version of the gorgeous Extra LT designed for 30-35cc gas engines as well as 6S-8S electric powers systems. Two amazing schemes designed by Arron Bates featuring genuine Oracover/Ultracote. Check out the list of features of the 75" Extra 330 LT:
Wood/Carbon hybrid structure for class-leading weight

Carbon main and tail landing gear

Carbon/fibreglass reinforced landing gear plate


Aluminium wheel axles
Carbon wing tube
High quality ball link hardware
Composite wing tips
Wing bags
Vinyl graphics
And more!

As with the 108" Extra, all of these features are applied to a design which employs all of the latest advancements to create a perfect balance of precision and 3D performance. All of the range of 3D manoeuveres are perfectly stable and predictable, while precision flight has world-class tracking with excellent snap and spin performance. The carefully tuned Extra aerodynamic package has ultra-low coupling for clean, precise knife-edge manoeuvres. The LT is easy and predictable for any pilot, but capable of world class flight performance in a smaller, easily transportable package. The 75" Extra presents much bigger than it is, offering 50-60cc class performance without 50-60cc hassles or expense.

For petrol power, 30-35cc is recommended, with the awesome DLE35RA providing the ultimate in petrol power for this design. The 75" Extra includes a generic fuel tank.

Options for the electric power system for the 75" Extra include both the Hacker A60-6XS, A60-5S or the Motrolfly 4330.

A minimum of 4 high performance, full-size metal-gear servos are required. For use with the DLE35RA engine, we recommend at least 200 oz-in of torque per servo.

For the latest giant-scale aerodynamics in a budget-conscious and easily-transportable package, the new 75" Extra 330LT is the answer.