Turbo Duster
  • Turboduster 44" + Omega Motor Combo Deal
  • Turboduster 44" + Omega Motor Combo Deal
  • Turbo Duster

Turboduster 44" + Omega Motor Combo Deal

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Turbo-Duster 44"

Combo Deal with Omega 103g Motor £137.00..!! 

The Turbo Duster ARF is quick to build, strong, light, and is very high-performance. In addition to all of the low-level scale manoeuvres, you can take the Duster to the extremes of high-energy tumbling aerobatics, or you can fly it as a gentle and predictable sport airplane  it's up to you!
The Duster uses simple, inexpensive equipment, such as a 100g outrunner motor, 3S 2200 lipo, and 6 micro servos. The flaps can (and should!) be programmed for a variety of fun modes, to give an extra-wide flight envelope. The Duster is going to delight you with its many talents!
 Winspan: 44"
Length: 37" with spinner
Weight 36-41oz


 Power Set Up
Omega 103g with 11 x5.5 or 12 x 6 electric prop
 45 amp ESC
3S 1800-2500 mah Lipo
Spinner  40 mm electric

Radio Modern 7 channel with flap mixing capability

ServosQty. 6 micro servos


Qty. 2 x 6" extension for ailerons
Qty. 2 x 12" extension for rudder and elevator


Omega Brushless Motor 103g 1030KV
The Omega 103g1030KV motor is a great choice for your parkflyer aerobatic aircraft. Offering up to 475 peak watts of 3D power at a weight of only 103 grams, it will give great vertical to your 44 oz. and under 3D plane using a 3S 2200-3200mah pack.

Depending on your battery pack performance, either an 12x6 or a 13x6.5 prop is appropriate for 3D flight, where power bursts are relatively short and give some opportunity for cool down. For sport applications where full throttle is used for long periods, a 12x6 or 11x7 prop is recommended.

Peak Amps: 45A
Peak Watts: 475W
Weight: 103 grams
KV: 1030

Prop mounting diameter: 6mm
Main shaft diamter: 4mm

X-mount and replaceable prop adaptor included.