Omega Brushless Motor 130g 870kv

Omega Brushless Motor 130g 870kv

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Omega Brushless Motor 130g 870kv

 The Omega 130g, 870Kv motor is a great choice for your parkflyer aerobatic aircraft. Offering up to 700 peak watts of 3D power at a weight of only 130 grams, it will give great vertical to your 52 oz. (1475g) and under 3D plane using a 3S or 4S 2600-3300mah battery pack.

For 3S operation, either a 13x6.5 or 14x7 prop is recommended. For 4S operation either an 11x5.5 or 12x6 prop is recommended.

Peak Amps: 50A
Peak Watts: 700W
Weight: 130 grams
KV: 870

Motor Dimensions

Diameter 35mm

Length 36.5mm

Prop mounting diameter: 6mm
Main shaft diamter: 4mm 

X-mount and replaceable prop adaptor included.