• DLE-40Twin
  • DLE-40Twin
  • DLE-40Twin
  • DLE-40Twin

DLE-40 Twin

SKU: DLE-40 Twin


DLE-40 Twin Cylinder 

DLE offers the ease and efficiency of electronic ignition.

The smooth operation and long life of an opposed twin

and the incredible bang-for-the-buck that all DLE engines offer.

Features that are extras on other engines are standard equipment on DLE engines.

They run from high-dollar items such as electronic ignition and muffler(s)

down to conveniences like mounts, spark plugs and connectors.

Performance, plus — that's what you can expect from all DLE Engines.



 Displacement 40.0cc 
 Bore 32mm 
 Stroke 25mm 
 RPM Range 1500-8500RPM 
 Fuel Mix  30:1 
 Ignition RCExl CDI Electronic 
 Ignition Weight 149g
 Muffler Weight  102g
Engine Total Weight 1170g

 Propeller Guide
 19x8 19x10 20x8 20x10




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