DLE-Engine 30cc
  • DLE-30
  • DLE-30
  • DLE-30
  • DLE-Engine 30cc




  With its Excellent Power to Weight ratio, the DLE-30 is the best buy for power and convenience for quarter scale flight.
The electronic ignition provides the spark for fast starting and smoother transition throughout the entire power band.
The rear mounted carb simplifies installation and makes for a more dependable fuel flow in the air as well as providing a smoother more reliable idle.



 Displacement 30cc 
 Bore  36mm
 Stroke 30mm 
 Power 3.7hp@8500rpm
 RPM Range 1600-8500rpm 
 Fuel Mix  32:1
Ignition RCExl CDI Electronic 
 Ignition Weight  120g
Muffler Weight 60g
Total Engine Weight 910g


 Propeller Guide
 18x8 18x10 19x8 19x10 20x8






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