• DLE-20RA
  • DLE-20RA
  • DLE-20RA





The DLE-20 now has a new stable mate the DLE-20RA rear exhaust.
Making it even easier to install in cramped narrow Cowls.The 20RA now has the new updated to provide the already powerful 20cc engine with even more get up and go..!! 
Light, efficient design for a high power to weight ratio.Lightweight piston for fast transition,excellent compression ratio and low vibration leading to high performance and long life.



 Displacement  20cc
 Bore  32mm
 Stroke 25mm 
 Power 2.5HP@ 9000rpm 
 Rpm Range 1700rpm-9000rpm 
 Fuel Mix  30:1
 Ignition  RC Exl CDI Ignition 
 Ignition Weight  660g
Muffler  Weight 80g
Total Weight 870g


 Propeller Guide
 16x8 17x6 17x8 18x6