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Glow power is not the only option anymore .The 20cc DLE-20 not only fills a displacement gap in petrol engine offerings but it also comes with a beam mount to make the glow to Petrol drop in fast and easy. A rear carb further simplifies installation and adjustment.The engine's RCExl electronic ignition remains the no hassle answer to easy starting and higher performance.




 Displacement   20cc
 Bore   32mm
 Stroke  25mm
 Power  2.5hp @9000RPM
 Ignition  RC Exl CDI Ignition
 Fuel Ratio  30:1
 Muffler Weight  50g
 Engine Weight  650g
Complete Weight  820g
Recommended Propellers 16x6 , 16x8 , 17x6, 


 Propeller Guide
 16x8 17x6 17x8 18x6




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