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DLE-120 Twin Cylinder 

The DLE-120 delivers 50 pounds of static thrust—more than enough power for intense 3D manoeuvres. Twin opposed cylinders reduce vibration and engine wear and increase performance.
Mufflers, standoffs and electronic ignition boost performance even further. The DLE-120 delivers the most punch at the lowest weight and the lowest price of any engine in its class. Pick up the DLE-120 and fly with performance-fueled confidence.





 Displacement 120cc 
 Bore 47mm 
 Stroke 35mm 
 Power  12HP@7500RPM 
 Fuel Mix  30:1
 Ignition  RCExl CDI Electronic 
 Ignition Weight 149g 
 Muffler Weight  103g
Total Engine Weight 2781g


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