AJ Aircraft Laser 56" (Sold Out)

AJ Aircraft Laser 56" (Sold Out)

SKU: AJ_Aircraft_Laser_56___Sold_Out_

AJ Laser 230z 56"Electric



Whether you're looking to go out and go 3d huckin' or lay down a smooth-as-butter precision flight, the 56" Laser 230z is for you! The wings have been thoroughly refined to allow precision flying, while not sacrificing any 3d characteristics. With a generous fuselage height, the model flies as well on its side as it does upright. Generously sized control surfaces give you excellent authority at all speeds. The Laser 230z features an awesomely light but strong airframe and a light wing loading that will handle anything you want it to. 

Building the airplane is very straight forward. The rudder cables are pre-installed, hinges are pre-installed but not glued, and pre-installed blind nuts in the wing tips for the included SFG's make it easy to get this bird in the air in no time flat. 

The 56" Laser 230z is the perfect "throw in your car for a few flights at the field" airplane. After flying this baby just once, we think it will be your go-to plane and put a smile on your face every time you fly it!

Up Your Game! Fly AJ.

  • Wing Span - 56"
  • Length - 54"
  • AOW - 4-4.5 lb
  • Power - Hacker A40-10S, 90amp ESC, 4s 3300mah lipo
  • Radio - 5 channel with 4 high torque mini servos

What's in the box:

  • Carbon reinforced landing gear mount
  • Pre-hinged and sealed control surfaces
  • Carbon main gear
  • G-10 control horns
  • Dual ball links for all connections
  • Carbon wing tube
  • Optional SFGs included
  • Genuine Oracover covering in 2 color scheme choices including the AJ Competition Scheme

AJ flies this airframe with the following equipment:

  • Hacker A40-10S
  • Xoar 15x6 or 14x7 prop
  • Castle Talon 90 ESC
  • Thunder Power 4s 3300mah G8 Pro-Lite+ 25C Lipo
  • 4 Hitec 85MG, Hitec 5085, or Hitec 5087 servos

Also needed to complete:

  • 2x 6" extensions for the ailerons
  • 1x 12" extension for the ESC
  • 1x 18" extensions to the elevator
  • 2" or 50mm spinner

Let's kick it up a notch!